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Pia Freund  is quite in her element as a strong interpreter on opera stages or as a solo singer with big orchestras. She also works perfectly with chamber music assemblies and singing Lied interpreting music literature and poetry. 

Pia’s motto: ”Art is a relationship of rendition where the world speaks to us through art”.

Specific international concerts and productions

The Finnish National Opera: solo singer engagements since 1992,

e.g. in these roles:

  • G. Puccini: ”La Boheme” / Mimi

  • W.A. Mozart: ”Magic Flute” / Pamina

  • Tapio Tuomela; ”Mothers and daughters” / Kyllikki

  • Kaija Saariaho: ”L'amour de loin” / Clemence

  • Kaija Saariaho: ”Adriana Mater” / Refka

  • Norrlands Opera, Sweden 1995, Bizet: ”Carmen” / Micaela

  • Dortmund Theater, 1996, Mozart: ”Cosi Fan Tutte” / Fiordiligi

  • The Santa Fe Opera (USA), 2008, Saariaho: ”Adriana Mater” / Refka

Composition premieres e.g.
  • Jyrki Linjama: ”Three Madrigals”, Helsinki

  • Tapio Tuomela: ”Mothers and daughters” opera, The Finnish National Opera

  • Kaija Saariaho: ”La Passion de Simone” oratorio, Vienna

  • Kaija Saariaho: Mirage (chamber music version), Festival Les Arcs, France

  • Lotta Wennäkoski: monologe opera ”Lelele”, Musica Nova, Helsinki

  • Matthew Whittall: ”Amor, el mar y la notche”, Music at the Castle festival “Musiikkia Linnassa”, Hämeenlinna

  • Jouko Tötterström : ”3 biblical songs to psalm texts”, Lohtaja music festival

  • Vasco Mendoza: ”Adultery”, Cifra 3, Musica Nova, Helsinki

  • Kaija Saariaho: ”The Tempest” (chamber music version) Presence festival, Paris

  • Libby Larsen: ”Try me good King” (chamber music version) Music at the Castle festival “Musiikkia Linnassa”, Hämeenlinna

  • Perttu Haapanen: Songs by Jean Sibelius arranged for string quartet and soprano, Pang SNG -festival, Espoo

  • Ilari Laakso ”Writing these Poems”, Rome, Italy

Concerts with orchestra e.g.
  • Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam: The Finnish National Opera’s orchestra

  • Salle Pleyel, Paris: The National Orchestra of Ile de France

  • Carnegie Hall, New York: Saariaho Chamber Music

  • Royal Albert Hall, London: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

  • Symphony Hall, Birmingham: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

  • Rio de Janeiro: Sao Paolo Symphony Orchestra

  • Liederhalle, Stuttgart: SWR Symphony Orchestra 

  • Konzerthaus, Freiburg: SWR Symphony Orchestra

  • Luzern Konzertsaal: The Luzern Symphony Orchesta

  • LSO Konserthuset, Stockholm: The Swedish Radio Orchestra

  • Bergwaldhallen, Stockholm: The Helsinki City Orchestra

  • Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble (several concerts)

  • Helsinki: The Radio Symphony Orchestra (several concerts)

  • The Helsinki City Orchestra (several concerts)

  • The Finnish Baroque Orchestra (several concerts)

  • Fibo Players (several concerts)

  • Avanti! Orchestra (several concerts)

  • Arsenal Metz France: The National Orchesta of Ile de France

  • Auditorio Baluarte, Pamplona: The Navarra Symphony Orchestra

  • L’Auditori, Barcelona: The Navarra Symphony Orchestra

  • L’Auditori, Barcelona: The BCN 216 Orchestra

  • Gewandhaus, Leipzig: The Gewandhaus Orchestra

  • Musica Vitae, Sweden

  • Gulbenkian, Lissabon: Gulbenkian Orchestra

Frequent concert collaboration with some Finnish orchestras, e.g.
  • The Finnish National Opera’s Orchestra

  • The Symphony Orchestra of Finnish Radio

  • The Turku City Orchestra

  • Tapiola Sinfonietta

  • The Lohja City Orchestra

  • Pori Sinfonietta

  • Kymi Sinfonietta

  • The Tampere City Orchestra

  • The Kuopio City Orchestra

  • The Mikkeli City Orchestra

  • The Oulu Symphony Orchestra

  • The Chamber Music Orchestra of Central Ostrobothnia

  • The Jyväskylä City Orchestra

  • The Seinäjoki City Orchestra

  • The Lappeenranta City Orchestra

International festivals
  • Chambermusic festival Båstad, Sverige

  • Bergen dating in Festspillene, Norway

  • Les Arcs Festival,  France

  • The Prague Spring Festival

  • Modern Art Festival, Warsaw

  • Vale of Glamorgan, Festival of Music, Wales

  • Östersjöfestivalen, Stockholm

  • Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 

  • Presence festival, Maison de la radio Paris

  • Holland - festival, Amsterdam

  • Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival

  • Jakarta Modern Arts Festival

  • The Berlin Music Festival “Berliner Festspiele“, Germany

  • Rheingau Musik Festival

  • Music Festival Caracas, Venezuela

  • Music Festival Valencia, Venezuela

Finnish festivals
  • Savonlinna Opera Festival (several performance visits)

  • Naantali Music Festival (several performance visits)

  • Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival (several performance visits)

  • Porvoo ”Suvisoitto” Summer Festival (several performance visits)

  • Oulu Music Festival (several performance visits)

  • Helsinki Festival Weeks (several performance visits)

  • Time of Music “Musiikin aika” at Viitasaari (several performance visits)

  • Lahti Organ Weeks (several performance visits)

  • Light to the Chamber “Valoa kamariin” festival at Rovaniemi (several performance visits)

  • The Helsinki Cross-Draught Festival ”Ristiveto” (several performance visits)

  • Let the Church Echo Festival ”Kirkko Soikoon” (several performance visits)

  • Organ Night and Aria (several performance visits)

  • The Kauniainen Music Festival (several performance visits)

  • The Hauho Music Festival (several performance visits)

  • Music in the Castle ”Musiikkia Linnassa”, Hämeenlinna (several performance visits)

  • The Riihimäki Summer Concerts

  • Pori Organ Festival (several performance visits)

  • Our Festival ”Meidän festivaali” (several performance visits)

  • Baroque Music at Janakkala

  • Winter Music Days at Janakkala

  • New Music October “Uuden musiikin elokuu” in Oulu (several performance visits)

  • The Parainen Baroque Festival (several performance visits)

  • The Kuopio Church Music Festival

  • The Kymi Salmon Music ”Lohisoitto” (several performance visits)

  • The Guitar Sings Festival ”Kitara Soi” (several performance visits)

  • Sonkajärvi Music Festival "Sonkajärvi Soi" (several performance visits)

The most important recent
concerts and productions 
  • ”FROM THE GRAMMAR OF DREAMS”: A scenic ensemble of works by Kaija Saariaho performed in cooperation with dancer Minna Tervamäki and violinists Minna Pensola and Jaakko Kuusisto at Oulu Music Festival 2017, Ylivieska Culture Center 2018, The Cello Hall 2018, House of Tampere 2019, The Poetry Week of Kajaani 2019.

  • ”TONIGHT I WALK FEARLESS OVER THE DARK” Pia Freund, Seela Sella, Kristian Attila: a dramatized concert performance: Kokonainen Festival 2017, Kangasala House 2017, August Nights Festival 2017, Mäntsälä 2017, Lohja 2018, Arthouse Erkkola ”The Muse Festival” 2018, Music Theater Kapsäkki 2018, Villa Saarela 2018, The Kajaani Poetry Week 2018, Korundi Light to the Chamber ”Valoa Kamariin” Festival at Rovaniemi 2019, The Oulu Theatre 2019, The Organ Night and Aria Festival in Espoo 2019, Ainola 2019, The Loviisa Days of Sibelius 2019, House of Järvenpää Age Weeks ”Ikäviikot” 2019, The Guitar Sings Festival ”Kitara soi” at Lappeenranta 2019, House of Kouvola 2020, The Kymi Salmon Music “Lohisoitto” 2020, Turku Music
    Festival 2020, Teljä Church at Pori 2020, Hämeenlinna Church 2020, Sounds of Sipoo Festival “Sipoon äänet” -2020. Verkatehdas Conference Center Hämeenlinna 2020, House of Tampere 2020. Festival in Janakkala 2022. Festival on Oulu 2022. Festival in Kuopio 2022.

  • ”FLOW! / VIRTAA!”: Nursing home concerts with a classical program together with guitarist Jyrki Myllärinen in regional facilities around Uusimaa and Kantahäme during 2016-2022.

  • ”A PIECE OF THE SUN BURNED IN MY HAND” Kati Outinen, Kristian Attila, Pia Freund – a scenic poetry and music ensemble: The Guitar Sings Festival “Kitara soi” Lappeenranta 2017, Villa Saarela 2019, Art House Erkkola 2019, Sellosali Espoo 2022, The Hietsu Festival Helsinki 2022.

  • ”WRITING THESE POEMS” Premiere of new work (composer Ilari Laakso, poems Chrys Salt) 6.11.2019 Villa Lante, Rome, Italy 

  • ”CANTAR DE ALMA” Concert lecture: Visual work of art with a video installation of the Gaudi architecture meeting the musical world of Frederico Mompoun and Jean Sibelius. Pia Freund singing + lecture, Adolf Pla piano. The Hämeenlinna City Hall 8.3.2020, Barcelona 10.11.2021.

  • ”ONCE I DREAMED OF SUMMER” Concert to the poems of Eino Leino with Seela Sella, Louna Hosia and Taina-Maaria Rautasuo. Music by Heikki Sarmanto and Olli Virtaperko: Ohkola 2020, Villa Saarela Festival 2021, Outokumpu 2022, The Kuhmo House 2022, Fiskars Lukaali - Village House 2022, Music Theatre Kapsäkki 2022, The Kuusankoski House 2022, Mäntsälä 2022, The Yellow House Janakkala 2022, Paltamo 2022, The Kajaani Poetry Week 2022, The Volter Kilpi Festival Kustavi 2022, STOA Helsinki 2022, The Kannel House Helsinki 2022, The Vuo House Helsinki 2022, The Cello Hall 2022.

Recordings and
  • SPANISH CLASSICS, Xavier Montsalvatge: Ensemble Barcelona 216, Ernest Martinez Izquierdo / Naxos

  • COMPLETE CHORAL SONGS, Jean Sibelius: Tapiola Chamber Choir, Hannu Norjanen / Finlandia Records

  • CHRISTMAS GREETINGS / JOULUTERVEHDYS, The Chamber Orchestra of Central Ostrobothnia, Juha Kangas / Finlandia Records

  • AINO, Opera by Erkki Melartin: Lahti Symphony Orchestra, Ulf Söderblom / BIS CONSOLATION, Jyrki Linjama: Marjo Heiskanen / JASE CD

  • VOICES, STRINGING, Veli-Matti Puumala: Antti Kaihola / JASE CD

  • MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS, Opera by Tapio Tuomela: Finnish National Opera Orchestra, John Storgårds / Aulos Musikado

  • HOSANNA, EXCELSIS!, Christmas music: Kirsi Kiviharju / Fuga

  • THE MUSE / MUUSA, Songs by Leevi Madetoja to the poems of Eino Leino and L. Onerva / Suomen Laulu Choir

  • A CEREMONY OF CAROLS, English Christmas Music: Piacere, Taina-Maaria Rautasuo

  • MELARTIN SYMPHONIES 2&4: Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, Leonid Grin / Ondine

  • HEITOR VILLA-LOBOS, Complete works for guitar vol 2: Timo Korhonen / Ondine 

  • VIGILIA, Eino-Juhani Rautavaara: The Radio Chamber Choir, Timo Nuoranne / Ondine

  • CINQ REFLETS DE L’AMOUR DE LOIN, Kaija Saariaho: Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Jukka-Pekka Saraste / Ondine

  • TRIOS, Kaija Saariaho: Hakkila, Helasvuo, Karttunen / Ondine

  • CHAMBER WORKS FOR STRINGS VOL.2, Kaija Saariaho: Meta4 / Ondine

  • NORDEN, Songs of Sibelius: Kristian Attila / Alba

  • JAM POT, Songs of Ilari Laakso, Poems by Chrys Salt: Anna Laakso, Chrys Salt / Alba

  • THE GRAMMAR OF DREAMS / UNIEN KIELIOPISTA, Kaija Saariaho, The Helsinki Festival Weeks / YLE 2002

  • THE WISE MEN’S GIFT / TIETÄJIEN LAHJA, Opera for Television, Eino-Juhani Rautavaara / YLE 1998


  • ON THE GRAMMAR OF DREAMS, Kaija Saariaho, Helsinki Festival / YLE 2002

  • THE GIFT OF KNOWLEDGE, TV OPERA, Eino-Juhani Rautavaara / YLE 1998

Competition prizes, Awards, Acknowledgements

  • The Kangasniemi Singing Competition 1991, 1st prize

  • The Savonlinna Opera Festival’s Singing Competition 1991, 1st prize

  • The Lappajärvi Duo Competition 1991, 1st prize

  • The Lappeenranta National Solo Song Contest, 1st prize

  • Neue Stimme Contest, Germany, Finalist

  • Nordiska Solister, 1st prize (representing Finland)

  • The Hämeenlinna City Music Award

  • The Sibelius Award of Sibelius Society

  • The Ida Alberg Award

Professional expertise work 
  • Finnish National Radio, specialist assignment at the broadcasting team of Lappeenranta Singing Contest 2016

  • Specialist assignments in international song contest juries 2019

  • Various expertise assignments at the Sibelius Academy’s opera and vocal music productions since 2012

  • Expert member in the Sibelius Academy’s doctoral training program since 2016

  • Musical Bridge - Alexandria, Egypt 2018

  • ENOA, European network of opera academies 2021

  • High School graduation, 1983, Turku Finnish Co-ed School

  • Bachelor of Music 2008, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki

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