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Mysterious Forest
SeelaKristianPia Ainolan ovi photo by Mi
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Named from the verse of the poet Katri Vala's Valvoja poem, the performance tells about artist encounters, artist couples and human destinies through music, poems and letters. The working group includes actress Seela Sella , soprano Pia Freund and pianist Kristian Attila .  

"Tonight I'm not afraid to go over the dark" is a combination of a concert, a stage work and a poetry event. "  

The performance is a combination of a concert, a stage work and a poetry event, to which each member of the team has brought their own favorites. Music is heard from well-known Finnish composers, e.g. From Jean Sibelius , Toivo Kuula and Leevi Madetoja . Poets Katri Vala , Edith Södergran , L.Onerva and Aino Kallas get their voice through the poems.  

The performance will also feature artists and their spouses. The letters of Aela Sibelius and Alma Kuula, uttered by Seela Sella, reflect the feelings of their writers while experiencing the turmoil of the 20th century. Through artist pairs and artist encounters, what is meant to be alone and together is discussed. What is to flourish, grow and give up, be in the midst of creation and destruction.  

Edith Södergran: A land that doesn't exist

(Landet som icke är) suom. Uuno Kailas


I miss the land that doesn't exist,

for I am weary of all that I have.

The moon tells me in silver letters

from a country that does not exist.

From a country where all our desires are miraculously fulfilled,

from a land where all our chains are broken,

from the country where we cool our frayed foreheads

in the baptism of the moon.

My life was a hot illusion.

But I have found one and I have won one -

road to a land that does not exist.

In a country that does not exist

passes the crown of my beloved, which shines on his forehead.

Who is my beloved? The night is dark

and the stars tremble in response.

Who is my beloved? What's his name?

The skies curve higher,

and the child of man shall sink into infinite mists

without knowing the answer.

But the human child is nothing but certainty.

And it raises its hand higher than all the heavens.

And the answer comes: I am the one you love

and you are always loving.

Photos: Minna Hatinen, Location: Ainola. 

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